Auto Diagnostic Explanation of terms

1 Automotive Technology Status: quantitative characterization of a time measured automotive appearance and performance parameters worth combined.

(2) Vehicle Inspection : Determine automotive technology position or ability to work checks.

3 diagnostic parameters : for diagnostic use, characterization cars, assembly and institutional technical condition parameters.

4 Diagnostic criteria: automotive diagnostic methods , limits and other technical requirements and uniform regulations.

5 diagnostic cycle : automotive diagnostic intervals to mileage or time representation ;

6 car inspection stations : in the automotive testing and institutional or corporate organizations.

7 No Load Dynamometer : Due to the dynamic dynamometer without external load applied to the engine so called no-load dynamometer .

8 Steady Dynamometer : refers to the engine throttle constant rotational speed and other parameters remain constant steady state, measured on the dynamometer engine power in a way.

9 piezoelectric effect : when the piezoelectric material is subjected to external force , not only changes its geometry , and the internal polarization , the charge appears on the surface , forming an electric field ; when the external force is removed , it has returned to its original state . This phenomenon is called the piezoelectric effect .

10 The mean fully developed deceleration (FMDD):

11 Braking Time Coordinated : refers to slam the brakes, from the foot touches the brake pedal ( or hand touches the brake lever ) until the vehicle deceleration time ( or braking force ) achieved mean fully reduced vehicle speed (or the required braking force ) required for 75% of the time .

12 . Braking distance: means beginning at a predetermined vehicle speed when the brake pedal ME , from foot touches the brake pedal until the vehicle stops upon, the vehicle passing in the distance.

13 Wheels static unbalance : support from the axle , adjust the tightness of wheel bearings , gently turn the wheels , making it the natural stop. If you mark the end of each test are parked in the nearest place from the ground , then the wheel static unbalance .

14 Wheels dynamic imbalance : the mass distribution of the wheel relative to the longitudinal center plane of the wheel caused by asymmetry .

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