The Introduction of SBB Key Programmer

SBB Key Programmer is a very sefe tool which is used to progarm keys with transponders in the centralized immobilizer units of a number of vehicle models.This tool can read the immobilizer ID codes and the mechanical codes for the key;it can read the number of keys in the memory and any errors or anomalies in the centralized immobilizer unit,also it can erase or zero any errors being founded.It can memorize all the keys that in the centralized immobilizer unit,erase the keys already in the memory,add one or more keys,it can memorize the remote controls.

Just connect SBB key programmer to the vehicle diagnostic input,it can add or delete keys and remote controls from the immobilizer control unit.

Besides those functions we have mentioned,SBB key programmer can also storage all the operations carried out in the User Data Archive.It can read all the PIN code which are possibile be can support the multi-language program and machine can offer the operational help for the type and position of connectors,keys and the types of transponders,etc.

For using SBB key programmer safer,please read following contents before you operate it.First,please check the electrical wiring periodically;if the wires are worn,you’d better repair or replace them.Second,you’d never operate it with the wet,greasy or oily hands.Third,once you don’t use it or in order to carry out maintenance work,you should disconnect the device from the mains.Fourth,never tug at the power supply wire and ensure it won’t contact with oil,sharp edges or heat for it is very dangeous.Fifth,please make sure that it will always work in a well lighted and clean area,remember to remove all tools before turning on the machine.Sixth,if you have kids or other vistors,please alert them to keep a safe diatance and don’t touch the machine or the electrical wiring.Addition,SBB key programmer is supplied with electricity at 12V direct current that provided by the vehicle battery,or as an alternative can be powerd from a 15V direct current universal feeder supplied with the tool.

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